A beautiful karma power bracelet with 'I am enough" affirmation charm.

I am enough, just as I am, right at this very moment.


Rose Quartz. The ultimate stone self love.

It is the crystal of peace and unconditional love.
Opens the heart, teaching the true meaning of love, and brings deep healing and self love.
This lovely pink stone has a calming, reassuring quality that also makes it ideal to use for traumas or crisis.

I am ENOUGH Power Bracelet

  • ‘Power’ or ‘Karma’ Bracelets. Inspired by the prayer beads worn by the Dalai Lama.

    Genuine crystal bracelets on elasticated thread. Each with a different reputed life enhancing effect.

    Gemstones are gifts from the earth. Each stone has its own healing meaning. By wearing a particular bracelet, you are inviting the energy of that particular crystal into your life. Crystal bracelets are a beautiful way to feel the healing power of a crystal and make lovely gifts.